Aidan Lamb

Aidan Lamb:

I have recently graduated from the University of Northampton with a BSc (hons) Product Design - 2:1.

Currently, I am working in London as a junior designer at Benoy – architects and designers. This mainly involves taking concept designs from sketches and generating 3D images on an architectural based program called SketchUp. I am also working using Photoshop, taking drawings and concepts from architects and turning them in to plans and coloured landscape plans.

At university I worked on a wide range of practical projects, examples of which you can see in the gallery section of this site. I can also supply a full portfolio or animation DVD.

I am looking for further opportunities to develop my career as a product designer.


I have a comprehensive use of many graphics and CAD programs, including Cobalt, Graphite and Concepts Unlimited CAD. I am proficient in graphics programs for page layout such as Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign.

I am skilled in model making in soft and hard materials and have over five years experience in workshops and using workshop tools.

I am skilled in marker pen rendering and illustrating in many medias.

I am a reliable and hard working person and will learn most systems and computing programs quickly.